About Us
who we are
Our Story

This Organization was formed in September 1996 By DR S.W Bhembe as the President, DR V.D Mazibuko the Chairperson, DR S. Kunene the Treasure, Dr M. Dubazane, all the above members are late. DR S.C Shabalala General Secretary

DR Shabalala studied African Medicine at Madupe Institute in Mabopane and archived Diploma in 1993, in 2008 he archived Diploma in Theology at I.S.T.P.

 In 2014 he archived a Master's Degree in Theology & Religious Studies. In 2010 DR Shabalala applied for accreditation at I.S.T.P where he was studying Theology, Accreditation was approved by board of I.S.T.P under the leadership of Chief Prof. Cardinal W.P Matlotlo the Chancellor 48 Institutions. In 2016 he archieved a Doctorate Degree in Divinity. Prof. S.C Shabalala was studying a Doctorate Degree at I.S.TT.P until 2016, In December he graduated. All Africa Cultural Organisation honored him with professorship in African Medicine,  He also appointed As a Professor at I.S.T.P. In 2018 he was appointed as Dean Faculty Of Theology and Religious Studies since then his title change to Professor S.C Shabalala

Our Vision

INTEGRITY: To respect and affirm the dignity,  equality, freedom and rich cultural diversity of all human beings as the basis for peace and social justice the pursuit of truth, intellectual honesty and openness  to ideas

EXCELLENCE: To be recognized as an international center for excellence that is both rooted in its environment and sensitive to the challenges of many human progress and to foster a culture of teaching and learning and research excellence  in the institution as a basic minimum requirement for living up to the claim of being a site of knowledge generation

INNOVATION: To focus on the challenges presented by new information technologies, information management systems and processes and opportunities for innovation and to do so in an enterprising way that benefits the institution and humanity

ETHICS: The attainment of the highest professional  and ethical standards in teaching learning and research community engagement and corporate governance

Our Mission

MHLABUHLANGENE School of African Medicine Programs which are highly flexible and are geared towards equipping and empowering African Health Practitioners who will change the world.

All courses are ancestral and are available in print, disk downloaded digit format our courses are available to everyone who meets our entrance requirements. Our entire course requires comprehensive study and self-discipline.

Teaching and learning excellence is fundamental to the vision and mission of MHLABUHLANGENE School of African Medicine an African institution that is committed to provide high quality education as it strives towards the achievement of the international standards.

The MHLABUHLANGENE’S commitment to teaching and learning is innovative and responsive to society needs, it is geared towards achieving the highest quality for student’s development including curriculum review and quality assurance for scholarly excellence.

The institution settled in the understanding that teaching and learning is a trans disciplinary 

issue, to a large degree humanizing pedagogy and critical thinking in the context of the institution, humanizing pedagogy speaks to both students and staff who should treat on 

another in a humane context.

The institution aims to qualitatively and quantitatively grow its research outputs in niche areas that will ensure that differentiates itself from other institutions, educators and innovators.

MHLABUHLANGENE seeks to expand its current community engagement relationship and improve its community of practice by bringing more people together by pooling wisdom and through integrating teaching, learning and research into indigenous knowledge system.

The institution wishes to provide more supportive environment encompassing the entire student experience from academic intellectual development, to social aspects, including sporting and cultural facilities to develop a well-balanced and rounded academic graduate.

The institution is embarking upon research with initiative in many areas to address the challenges of climate change through global warming MHLABUHLANGENE goal is to research alternative energy sources not dependent on fossil fuels. It has commended initiatives including solar power, bio-gas production and greening projects.

The institution seeks to promote a responsive cadre of employees that are sensitive to service excellence recognition of the Batho Pele Principles, promotion of respect of different cultural and ethic backgrounds and encourage sensitivity to racism, Xenophobia, gender and disability.

The institution promotes human resources as an ongoing strategy to train and equip all personnel, thus promoting a service ethic of excellence and professionalism. 

A culture of lifelong inquiry and research is encouraged, as is the promotion of innovative teaching and learning methodologies to spaw a new generation of thinkers. 

Ability to mentor motivates, train and inspire team players at all levels and facilitate comfortable interactions of the target audiences at local, national and international levels. 

Excellence in teaching and learning research and community engagement

  • Improve the student experience
  • Build a service culture
  • Optimize the multi campus model
  • Harness technology effectively
  • Develop human resources
  • Achieve financial viability and sustainability
  • Strategic planning and execution 
  • Stakeholder and public relations
  • Institutional growth and development
  • Infrastructure and assets management
  • Resources management
  • Short-term challenges